We are featuring two desserts this month : Tiramisu and the Serradura.



Our tiramisu is made from scratch. It has sheets of chococlate cake soaked in premium coffee and liquor  sandwiched between layers of luscious cream made with mascarpone cheese. With a rich creamy flavor and a hint of coffee, this dish is a real crowd favorite.

Tiramisu had originated from Italy in the 1960s, from a restaurant named “Le Beccherie” in Treviso. The dessert was a huge hit and plenty of other recipes and versions had followed-some chefs added egg whites as well, and others added a dash of liquor for flavor.

serradura pudding

The seradurra pudding is a new dish that we have added to our menu. Its appearance resembles a tiramisu, but its taste and history is much different. It is a creamy pudding with layers of rich cream and crumbled cookies (of which we proudly made from scratch as well).


It was believed that this dish had originated from Macau and “seradurra” translates to “sawdust” in Portuguese-which may be a reference to how the cookie crumbs in the dessert resemble sawdust.


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